How To Attract That Special Girl Of Your Dreams- What Every Guy Must Know


how toHow To Attract That Special Girl Of Your Dreams- What Every Guy Must Know attract a girlYou have loved her ever since you saw her, thought about her every moment, and always been around her just to catch a glimpse of her, yet asking yourself how to attract a girl. Thoughts about a special girl are something that is frequent for male teenagers and even young men. Nobody would be able to reply properly if asked how to attract women or rather what they actually did to get the girl who they wanted to be their companion for life.

Attraction or the art of seduction whatever you call it-it’s an emotional course, neither physical nor a social one. So the question is how to attract a girl, how to win her heart and keep her forever in your arms. You may say the “wrong” stuff and still may attract a girl or tell the “proper” things and end up repelling her. What matters really are the intent, the drive and the genuineness. To perk up your dating life, you should improve your emotional side. The answer to the query ‘how to attract women’ lies in unmasking the exceptional and appealing guy within you and gleefully expressing it to the girl of your choice.

Make your move very fast as you notice her, as soon as possible. Keep in mind that it is always the guy who will make the first move. Do not be indecisive and do not be shy. Time is precious. Or else you lose her. Assert yourself and be confident. It is exceedingly essential for you to acquire and sustain her full attention right from the beginning. Be appealing in your conversation and keep her interested all along the conversation. Listen to her and do not be too inquisitive. Be smart, women love smartness. Tell a woman that she’s gorgeous and beautiful and that you are captivated by her personality and you would like to know her better. Offer her compliments from time to time. Be bold and gentle at the same time. Make her smile always because a dry sense of humor can ward her off. Be presentable and work on your dress sense. If necessary, consult friends or professionals.

Express your opinion but do not assert it forcefully. That might repel a girl. Frankly speaking, guys do not actually think of asking for help particularly when it comes to winning the woman of his dreams, but dating is time consuming and needs a proper approach and if you have someone as a mentor it becomes easy, you should never hesitate in finding a proper guidance from people who know what to do and what to avoid. The essential rule in learning how to attract women with your body language is by facing her, looking at her eyes and by smiling. Prove her that you find her captivating and that you find her gorgeous as a whole- her looks, her wit, her opinions, her likes and her principles. She’ll for sure like you back. She will know you have an admiration for the right things and you’re not shallow! Stop resenting the women you dated in past, stop criticizing or proving they were mediocre or dumb. This might turn off the girl you are dating now. No girl likes a man who does not have a good opinion for women in general. Treat girls as equals. Never boast, lie or try to look dominant. So when you really get bothered by the question ‘how to attract a girl’, remember these simple tips and attract her.


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