Article Directories Marketing


Article Directories Marketing

Writing article is a form of digital marketing that utilizes the principles of search engine optimization with the power of useful and informative content. Through article directories marketing, businesses can uphold themselves online, and increase their marketing for both humans and search engines.

Present day marketing strategies are changing rapidly from the traditional way. Due to small budgets; marketing peoples are looking for better returns for the dollars spent. Recent studies show that marketing departments of every business are shifting funds to online methods like blogs, articles, RSS advertising, and podcasts that are away from traditional marketing strategies as cold calls, direct mail or print media.

1. What is article writing for online marketing?

Marketing articles are informative articles that can easily be obtained via search engines. These article writing includes the principles of online marketing to increase the search engine visibility of it while maintaining the importance and quality of the information at the same time. The useful information supplied here will help people to take necessary decisions.

The cost-effective nature of these articles and their growing popularity with consumers make them a worthwhile alternative to traditional marketing strategies.

2. The Alteration from Traditional Marketing

At present, article writing is one of many online marketing tools that are used to replace the traditional marketing strategies of any business. A recent survey by Forrester Research shows that 60% of marketers have increased their online marketing funds by shifting them from the traditional marketing methods. The reason behind this shifting is the changing nature of marketing. Now, more and more people depended on the Internet to get required information while purchasing any product. In this new era, traditional marketing strategies have three major disadvantages; they are expensive, not targeted, and interruptive.

3. Benefits of Article Writing from a marketing perspective

The top benefits of article writing from the perspective of marketing are:

  • Establishment of Knowledge- Well-written and informative business articles describes a company’s skill to the potential customers, as well as consumers who are looking for a knowledgeable base consisting of dependable answers and solutions to their problems.
  • Constructs Trust – When people read business articles and see that they were written by a subject expert, they will start to depend on that Company that posted them, and considered themas the best source for information.
  • Increases the average time spent on the site- Informative and reliable articles not only draws people to the site, they also help to keep the visitors there longer, and in turn increases the average time spent by a visitor on that particular site.
  • Increases Traffic – Business articles inspire the previous visitors to come back to the site again. Once the visitors start trusting the company’s proficiency, they will come back to it again and again.
  • Establishes Authority – Business marketing article writing is one of the best ways to launch the authority of a site. Informative and content-rich articles that are well-written and frequently updated will quickly increase the position of the company and in a few days, can make it the leading expert in its field.

Hence, a business that wants to grow with the help of online marketing must depend on well-written and informative content for its growth.


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